The Animal in Us For Real Sex

I am an avid lover of animals and have a beautiful Jack Russell terrier. Nothing is more satisfying than waking up in the morning, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, and taking my little friend for a walk, so I thought. To my dismay I wake up one fine Sunday morning to see my dog sick. He is sneezing and doesn’t want to eat a thing. This troubles me to no end and I am not quite sure what I should do about it. As time passed by I could tell it was time for a trip to the local vet.

I pack my little hound up in a cage, start my car, and I am on my way. Luckily they provide an emergency vet service. When I called the number I was happy to hear the same pleasant voice of the Vet who has worked there for a couple of years. She is an amazing girl and looks just like the type of girl I would like to have a little doggy style fun with for real sex. For a couple of years I have been taking my pooch to this local vet just to get a glimpse of this young and successful girl.

As I arrive to the vet early in the morning I noticed only one car parked outside and it seemed as if no one else was around. My pooch and I walked inside and there she was. She is a tall girl at nearly six feet and has a pair of legs any man would like to run their hands up and down. Her hair was soft, shiny, and of course she was a brunette which was to my liking. As she looks at my dog on the table I noticed she kept looking up at me smiling. Every time she looked up I flirted right back at her. I could tell it was time to make my final move on this vet chick. When she looked up once more I brushed her hair lightly.

I could see her quiver as if she hasn’t been touched by a man in sometime. Leaning in for a kiss we locked lips and from that moment forward it was on. The dog jumps off of the table fleeing for refuge as I pick her cute ass up and lay her out. As I unbuttoned her overcoat I could see that was all she was wearing. Her panties were tight and wet. Jerking them down I stick my dick in her. The table is sliding around as she gasp for a breath of air. Feeling her tight pussy surrounding my dick I thrust in for a final time and burry a load of jizz deep into her pussy. She flips her hair once back and comes down on my dick licking any extra cum off my cock. You never know when a casual encounter is going to take place. What is certain is the fact I will be taking my hound to the vet more often!